As a holistic practitioner, you’re constantly competing with other practitioners AND the allopathic medical establishment. As a result, it can feel hard to acquire new patients, help more people and serve your purpose.

But if you really want to be a healer to people, you need to be able to attract patients you can help become who they want to be. It all starts with yourself.

This episode teaches you how to think about yourself and your practice to attract more patients, increase your impact and make more money.

Show highlights include:

– The completely wrong way most practitioners think of themselves and their practice—and how to fix it.. ([2:05]) – What all people want from any practitioner they seek help from ([3:35]) – Why you shouldn’t market yourself as a service provider. ([5:30]) – How to not be a commodity and position yourself for long-term success as a natural healer. ([7:20]) – The problem with certifications and acquiring more knowledge (no, extra studies won’t magically attract patients). ([9:40]) – What to accomplish to be high-impact AND high-income—and how to know you’re succeeding at it.. ([14:10]) – The biggest communication mistake practitioners make. ([16:20]) – How to “pierce the darkness” to gain more impact and attract more patients. ([17:20]) – Which problems you should solve to maximize your practice’s impact. ([21:20])

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