If you’re a holistic practitioner, you bravely chose a path many won’t take. Staying rooted in authenticity is hard—but it’s possible.

In this episode, you learn how to grow a high-income, high-impact practice without selling yourself out. You’ll learn why much of the marketing & business advice in the holistic health field is wrong—and what to do instead.

Show highlights include:

– Why most practitioners think about their practice the wrong way. ([2:20]) – What practitioners think patients care about—and what patients actually care about. ([2:50]) – How to get more of what you want (it’s not by trying harder). ([6:00]) – 5 ways to help your body cleanse itself so you can perform at a higher level. ([8:55]). – What to listen for to figure out what you need to do next instead of feeling stuck. ([10:30]) – How to make long-term progress without soliciting external advice. ([12:30])

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