If you are easily offended – consider yourself warned.

BUILDING A POWERFUL BUSINESS is a SPIRITUAL exercise and process that is a powerful (in fact one of the MOST powerful) forms of energy channeling there is.

Here’s some things so many acupuncturists don’t understand.

  • A degree does not entitle you to a job or an income.
  • Knowledge alone is not power. Knowledge + ACTION = Power.
  • Creating (or being PART OF) a powerful business is NOT something that diminishes your power or authenticity as a healer.

You’ll hear this BS a lot…

“Oh, yeah so-and-so is good at business and marketing but they’re not so great at clinic…”


“I am doing REAL healing work because I give so much to my patients… I could NEVER have a busy practice. I’d be drained.”


“People need TIME, that’s what they don’t get from their doctors. A busy practice is just like a ‘patient-mill’.”

I’m going to call BS on all three of these excuses right now. Here’s why…

#1: Creating a business builds a REAL, PHYSICAL bridge to deliver the medicine. And, those of us who are out here doing that are seeing a LOT of patients and getting results… otherwise WE WOULDN’T HAVE SO MANY PATIENTS. You get good at something by doing it… A LOT.

#2: People who think they’re real healers based on how drained they are. This includes how drained they are by their patients. These people are just rationalizing their own lack of boundaries and inability to submit to a clear process (which is something EVERYTHING else in nature does). It’s also a sign of attachment to outcome which is… an ego trip.

#3: The idea that TIME has anything to do with the dose of medicine that can be delivered is a thought process rooted in illusion. Healing takes place beyond time (and space for that matter). When the practitioner is dialed in they can deliver more in 30 seconds than can be delivered by an average person in 30 minutes (or even 30 days). Attachment to time is simply a way of saying, “I don’t trust in my intuition and have to think a long time about stuff.” Which is OK!!! It’s OK to need time to work through cases. Just don’t confuse that with MASTERY.

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From day ONE, I refused to compromise on the spiritual principles of integrity and authenticity that I live by. That commitment forced me to be hardcore about a lot of things and take my business VERY SERIOUSLY. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like we don’t have FUN at the clinic. We have a TON of fun doing what we do (we = myself and the amazing people that work with me as a cohesive team on a mission).

But, we don’t mess around. We are FOR REAL.

Breaking down the systems, rituals and mindset principles into a teachable format for others helps me to appreciate the INTEGRITY and FLOW that has evolved as I’ve built this thing…

We WILL push past 7-figures in 2018 (which blows my mind)…

But, that NUMBER is meaningless to me other than what it truly indicates…

It indicates that we have a SUSTAINABLE, High-Impact process and model that just keeps working and – really – allows growth to whatever level one chooses.

Want to see 40 patients a week and just sit back and enjoy life there…?

The process works for that.

Want to see 75-100 patients a week with ONE admin and crush it without getting burned out? Ever?

The process works for that.

Want to have multiple associates and multiple locations, centrally managed and with a kick-ass team that is all on the same mission?

The process will enable you to do that.

How can ONE system be so flexible? Simple. Because it’s based on Universal Principles of:

SHEN // Spirit

  • You LOCK IN on who YOU are, YOUR mission, YOUR purpose, YOUR desire.
  • You learn how to create a MESSAGE and a PROCESS that reflects YOUR authentic vision and that PIERCES the darkness and speaks to your current and future patients (aka the message is “TIMELESS”).

Qi // Action

  • You learn powerful advertising strategies that work on autopilot to continually get that message in front of the RIGHT people, at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT resonance, and the RIGHT sequence to get them to REACH OUT to you for help (aka book an appointment).
  • You have a process for INITIATING people into your community and culture as a healer that facilitates THEIR self-generated DECISION (in other words, there’s no persuasion or pushiness involved AT ALL).

JING // Results

  • You learn how to keep people coming back for more work with you – not out of obligation because they paid you a ton of money up front (of course, you can still do that if you want, no biggie) – they come back because they WANT to. Which is the ultimate in “autopilot patient retention”.
  • You have a time-leveraged process for staying in touch with and nurturing the community/tribe you’re building around yourself so you can continue to show up as a leader for them FOREVER. (We get referrals from patients we haven’t seen for 10+ years, so I know this stuff works).

What I just laid out for you is the BLUEPRINT for PATIENT ATTRACTION ALCHEMY.

The signature of a POWERFUL HEALER.

Don’t take it lightly.

Just go ahead and DO IT.

To Your Ultimate Victory,

Chris Axelrad, Creator Of Power Practice Alchemy (read more about me here)

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