Generating interest in your practice is only one part of creating your dream practice. If you want to treat enthusiastic patients every day, you need to do more.

Way too often, potential patients talk to practitioners and bring up all sorts of doubts. Maybe they think their treatment is too expensive, maybe they’re already being treated with conventional medicine. Maybe they’re afraid of trying a new sort of treatment. Their “head trash” not only loses you a patient, it also cuts them off from finally solving their problems.

Stealth Influence is not only the key to effortlessly attracting patients. It’s also the key to erasing all doubt from your patient’s minds so they get to experience a real solution to their problem. In this episode, you’ll learn how to leverage Stealth Influence to get more patients and get them better results so they tell everyone they know about your practice.

Show highlights include:

– How a lack of trust between you and the patient can ruin your relationship with them—and even doom your treatment to fail. ([4:00]) – Forget the herbs and the needles for a moment—here’s how you really heal patients with chronic pain. ([6:50]) – The barrier which divides ordinary practitioners from transformational healers. ([7:10]) – Don’t tell this to your patients… but all pain has this ONE source you can help them fix. ([9:00]) – The one person you have to influence before you can influence any potential or current patient. ([12:45]) – Of course, your patients want to lose the pain—but if you can do this for them, they’ll keep coming back to you. ([14:15])

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