Today, many aspiring holistic practitioners go to school, excited to help people overcome pain without cocktails of pills. Their intentions are noble, but when they start their practice, few patients seek them out—and they feel like they abandon their mission.

Why do they fail even though they have a clear mission and are passionate about their work? It’s Karma. Not the bastardized definition of Karma we know in the West—REAL Karma.

It sounds strange, but Karma can fuel you—and in this episode, you’ll hear how rethinking Karma can turn you into an authentic presence for a crowd of patients wishing to see you.

Show highlights include:

– What Karma really is—and how you can leverage it to fill your practice without selling out or pretending to be someone else. ([1:15]) – The 3 pillars of becoming a successful practitioner (you can endlessly improve on these). ([4:10]) – Doing, saying and thinking the same thing is boring, right? Here’s why it’s crucial to becoming high-impact. ([7:00]) – Stop chasing patients—here’s how they seek you out to heal them. ([10:35]) – Why offering more services might repel patients and keep you from having real impact. ([12:35])

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