Powerful Marketing And Business Tactics For Holistic Healers Who Want To Be High-Impact AND High-Income

The New Way To Build Your Practice With AUTHENTICITY & INSPIRATION, NOT Pressure & Persuasion.

STEP ONE: Achieve A Sustained State Of Calm, Confidence, Clarity, and JOY

Learn specific daily rituals, powerful visualizations, and core mind-shift strategies that give you incredible focus and core certainty about your mission and goals as a healer.

The High-Impact, High-Income Holistic Healer understands that the CORE skill, aside from the techniques and tools of their specific modality, is a CLEAR, CALM FOCUSED MIND.

Why is this?

Well, there are several reasons but here are the most important ones:

  1. As healers we are called upon to DECISIVELY LEAD our patients and clients to greater states of internal congruence and clarity. It is impossible to do this for others if we do not have internal clarity and congruence ourselves.
  2. We set the “anchor point” for the people who need our help. Turbulent mind-states in the healer cause discomfort, turbulence, and anxiety within the client/patient whether this happens on a conscious or subconscious level. And, that either repels the client/patient (aka they drop out of care or never begin care) or sets up a relational dynamic that is not conducive to the client’s own process of growth and transformation, or both.
  3. The level of clarity and congruence of the healer is transmitted externally through not only their presence and ability to make clear decisions, but is also embedded within the language and message of their marketing and educational process.
  4. The ability to GROW and SUSTAIN a healing business that is rooted in AUTHENTICITY requires self-care and insight that is honest, direct, and unflinching. By using the rituals and systems of our training, holistic healers become capable of easily facing and solving problems that would devastate or severely derail ordinary practitioners.