Welcome To The NEW WAY To Build A Prosperous, Powerful Healing Practice That Embodies And Transmits Your Authentic Mission and Purpose.

You’ve just made one of the most important discoveries of your life…

This resource is designed for those unfamiliar with the Power Practice Alchemy Community — and for our past, present, and future members and students looking for continual inspiration, renewal, and healing guidance.

It’s also a road map of sorts.

Read it carefully, and commit it to memory if you can. It is, essentially, the cosmology of growth, transformation, and self-realization.

You see — all human beings, no matter who we are or how far we’ve come in life — are at various levels of STUCK.  We are all continually reaching for our next level of manifesting our purpose on this Earth, searching for new and more effective ways to express the essence of our True Selves.

But that full expression of who you are — which is THE KEY to that little thing we call HAPPINESS — is directly linked to the amount of VITALITY, or LIFE ENERGY you cultivate.

Not only that, but as a healer (whether you’re a doctor, a bodyworker, an acupuncturist, naturopath, nutritionist, energy-worker), the amount of LIFE ENERGY you are able to STORE and EXPRESS at will is where ALL your power resides.

And the amount of LIFE ENERGY you are able to cultivate is linked to how well you care for YOURSELF FIRST.

Whether you are just starting out in the healing profession, looking to get your first patients and START your practice, or you’re getting some traction but WANT MORE, or you are doing well but FEEL STUCK and OVERWHELMED, or your KICKING ASS and ready to GO BIG, the goal for a Powerful Healer like you is always ONE or more of the following three things: 




That’s because like me, you are always looking to be a more complete, more powerful, more creative version of you so you can bring more LIGHT and INSPIRATION to your patients and your community.

It’s what makes us who we are — that continual desire to evolve and grow and have ever-increasing levels of impact. REAL, life-changing IMPACT.

This page is here to help you master all the awakening and cultivation of your OWN innate healing intelligence so you can EMBODY it and, hence, become a natural, EFFORTLESS TRANSMITTER of that Healing Intelligence in EVERYTHING you do.


Because, you are already a healer.

As healers, we simply cannot fulfill our full destiny unless Body, Mind, and Spirit are already unified.

And, contrary to what so many would LIKE you to believe – that you need to take more courses, learn more “tricks” and “techniques”, get more KNOWLEDGE – the bottom line is You  you (or your patients) don’t have to go anywhere or buy anything or even read anything to connect with and generate and AMPLIFY the natural healing intelligence within. get back to living your greatest life.

The blueprint, the entire thing, is right here within you this very moment.

You’ve just fallen “out of sync” with it.

And you’re not alone.

Our world is full of misguided beliefs about health, wellness, and self-development.

Nobody teaches us this stuff properly in our professional training. in school and, more than likely, nobody taught it to your parents either.

And, in my experience and I’m sure the experience of many thousands of other healers, OUR SCHOOLS aren’t teaching wellness and self-development the right way, either.

And, to me, that’s a shame. Because your greatest gift to yourself and your patients is YOU. The sum total of who and what you are. You are, literally, a miracle, a Universe, an oscillating, pulsating, LIVING representation of creation.

Yet, nobody, it seems, thought it was worthwhile to teach you how to optimize, maximize, and fully express your creative potential as a human Body-Mind-Spirit. Very few even teach it today.

But, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you will EVER LEARN, and it is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will EVER TEACH.


Because when you learn how to awaken and cultivate your Innate Healing Intelligence, you open the door to truly fulfilling your purpose and destiny as a healer, no matter WHAT type of healer you are – holistic, allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic…

And, that’s because the healing wisdom you embody knows EXACTLY HOW TO GET YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS THERE.

This Works For Everybody – including YOU.

In order to have maximum impact on the world and specifically your current and future patients, you must rise up and step into your power. You must no longer believe the lies you’ve been told by the establishment that your medicine is secondary or antiquated or slow or inferior in any way shape or form.

The world does not need you now more than ever.


And, if you’re struggling to figure out how to become the life changing force you know you are – well, that’s not your fault, because you’ve been taught to be a general, when really, you are a WARRIOR.


Generals are content to sit in their offices or in their bunkers, theorizing and planning, coming up with strategies and concepts, then sending the foot soldiers into the battle on their behalf.

They’ll tell you they’ve got it all figured out but, in reality, they are mostly talk and very little action.

I know this because at one time I followed a lot of generals. They had all kinds of ornate, difficult to interpret theories and practices about Chinese Medicine and how to achieve success in the field. They could quote all kinds of amazing “scripture” (the classics) and love to define who are the “superior” and “inferior” doctors.

Some of them have written large books or go around teaching elaborate systems to packed rooms, only to disappear back into their bunkers to keep building their largely academic and often abstract conceptual masterpieces.

Not that knowledge isn’t useful. Knowing and understanding the fundamental theories behind how this all works is absolutely critical.

But, contrary to what you’ve been told, knowledge is not power.


This is for the Warriors like you and I.

We want to be on the battlefield, in the trenches getting dirty and fighting alongside our clients and patients.

Out here, in the trenches, it’s about three things and three things only.

It’s not about books or awards or letters after your name.

It’s simply about courage, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of freedom for you AND your patients.

It means:

  • You have the COURAGE to step up and, with LASER FOCUS, do what you need to do right now to amplify your impact on the patient you are with.
  • You radiate AUTHENTICITY by being connected to source and speaking from heart at all times. This is a state where your knowledge isn’t book knowledge. It’s direct wisdom derived from mastering your MINDSTATE and mastering your CRAFT.
  • You stay relentlessly rooted in FREEDOM by not being ashamed, engaging with the world, and creating a business and a message that embody the soul of who you are and who you were born to serve.

When you’re in the trenches on the battlefield, you have to think quickly, assess the situation in front of you, and you have to act swiftly and decisively. There’s no time for the ornate or the complex. Maximum impact THIS moment then without attachment moving on to the next.

Rather than rely solely on strategy and theory, warriors must rely heavily on instinct and intuition, along with a razor sharp awareness and an unflinching focus on the task at hand.

That’s because, in the world of the warrior, lives actually hang in the balance.

There are no trophies or medals, or decorations handed out in the end, and the warrior knows this. Most of what warriors do is done without fanfare or accolades – in fact most cringe at the thought of getting dirty like we do.

Therefore warriors do not seek the admiration of their colleagues, nor do they seek to please or pacify the sensibilities of clients, patients, or peers.

Warriors choose only the most authentic, direct, and impactful way to transform the life of the person sitting in front of them this moment. And, when they have accomplished this they don’t stop to pat themselves on the back or bask in the glory.

That’s because warriors seek to stay in the fight. They continually look for ways to bring more and more clients and patients to them – or to go to where their clients and patients are.

Warriors live knowing the next battle is always right around the corner.

And Warrior-Healers know their greatest weapon is the joy, purpose, and lovingkindness they effortlessly bring into this world. For this reason, Warrior-Healers are FEARLESS and never hide from discomfort or difficulty.

And, because they have the unique, innate calling of the warrior, they are bound by their own hearts and choice to keep fighting, keep pressing forward, keep lighting the way.

POWER PRACTICE ALCHEMY is for the WARRIORS: the ones who have a severe, unrelenting passion for serving their patients and clients.

We aren’t motivated by obligation or status or even money (although warriors accept currency with an open heart, as an expression of gratitude for their service).

We simply want to lead others back to wholeness, to help them rediscover their strength and ultimately live their destiny.

Warriors aren’t content to sit around and wait for patients and clients to come to them, passively accepting what “The Universe” gives them.

Warriors relentlessly seek new ways to pierce the darkness with their message and their light, making themselves available for all who seek freedom from pain and suffering.

What I teach are some very powerful techniques to attract, persuade, and indoctrinate the patients and clients you were meant to fight for so they become lifelong followers of and advocates for you and your mission. They’re out there right now, waiting to find you, eager to follow you, and ready to trust you.

So, if you’re ready to have the kind of impact you know you were born to have – and be more successful doing it than you can possibly imagine – then welcome to POWER PRACTICE ALCHEMY–the PROVEN Path To Building Your Authentic, High-Impact Practice That Changes Lives And Brings You AND Your Clients Ultimate Freedom.



To Your Ultimate Victory,

Chris Axelrad, Creator Of Power Practice Alchemy (read more about me here)

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