It’s easy to look up to the experts. The “A-List”. The “pros”. It’s easy to admire how much they get done and how everything they do seems to fall into place and become a success.

Watching these people can make you feel inferior, like you’re somehow below them. The truth is: No matter who you look up to, these people aren’t superior, they just do things you’re not doing and think in ways in which you’re not currently thinking.

This episode will reveal some of the things which high-performing natural practitioners know, think and do so you can apply them in your own life and practice.

Show highlights include:

– When you want to do many awesome things… don’t. The surprising thinking behind not doing things to accomplish more. ([1:25]) – What holistic practitioners really help patients with (help your patients do this and they’ll stick to you like a needle to an industrial magnet). ([3:50]) – Why NOT worrying about yourself might be the biggest limiting factor to growing your practice. ([10:40]) – When you’re having a bad day, week or month, do this. ([13:20])

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