As a holistic practitioner, your mission is probably one of the things you value most. Unfortunately, there are many things which can distract you from serving others with purpose.

One of those things is greed.

Focusing on your bank account instead of your mission is one of the surest ways to kill your practice and fail your mission.

In this episode, Chris teaches you his mindset around greed.

Show highlights include:

– Why putting your impact first is not only good for your patients, but also for your business. ([1:50]) – The toxic mindset around money which modern society indoctrinates you with—and how to think instead. ([3:00]) – The one human “need” which kills practices more than anything else. ([6:10]) – How hiring and paying others isn’t just “losing money”, but can help your impact. ([11:20]) – Why thinking you’re doing the right thing by not spending money is an insidious impact-killer. ([13:40])

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