When you’ve got a normal day job, you’ve got a few tasks and that’s it. Choosing your own path and running a holistic practice, you’re faced with a ton of a slew of different things from serving your patients to accounting.

Maybe you feel like many other practitioners nowadays: Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the options, advice and experts.

But building a thriving practice doesn’t have to be that hard. In this episode, you’ll hear how you can make a giant impact without having a whirlwind of ideas in your head.

Show highlights include:

– The only reason you feel overwhelmed (once you get this, your mind will clear up like a summer sky after a thunderstorm). ([2:45]) – The very first thing to do to get on track for a 6 or 7-figure practice. ([3:40]) – Already have a website? Here’s what you need to turn it into a patient magnet. ([8:25]) – Think of this the moment you feel overwhelmed. ([12:25]) – The three-step process to magnetize patients on autopilot. ([13:40])

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