As a holistic practitioner, you’ve got many options with which you can help people: Acupuncture, herbs, supplements or simply listening and caring, all those help your patients live better lives.

Now, your patients come to you for guidance. They expect your leadership. Because you’ve got the knowledge and experience to solve their problems. It’s crucial for you to lead with compassion, generosity and gratitude—else your patients will lose trust in you, inhibiting their healing.

How do you become such a leader? In today’s episode, you’ll learn about the second core pillar to become a go-to practitioner and the crucial element you must have to be an authentic leader.

Show highlights include:

– Why to be wary when people say “I need acupuncture”—and which people to serve instead. ([2:20]) – The counter–intuitive reason not to say you can help everybody, even if you can (interestingly, you’ll get more patients this way). ([3:35]) – The most common reasons practitioners lose their mission and focus (this is the most pervasive and destructive force in the acupuncture profession). ([4:45]) – How to get past the inevitable failures on the road to your dream practice. ([6:55]) – The two components any go-to practitioner needs in their practice. ([9:35]) – How to get people to trust you before they’ve ever met you—a single FB post can be enough. ([10:15]) – Yes, your practice is about your patients, but here’s why your life story matters. ([13:40]) – The common emotion tearing apart practices every single day—spend any time with average practitioners and you’ll notice how pervasive this is. ([15:10])

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