When you know who you want to serve and how you want to serve them, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to help those people lead better lives. It’s hard to watch them struggle when you know you could help them.

It might even feel like you’re deserting your mission, the purpose for which you became a practitioner in the first place. What if, instead of waiting for patients, your patients came to you because everybody in your community knows you’re great and serving them earnestly? What if you were the go-to practitioner in your market?

In this episode, you’ll learn the 3 essential elements you need to implement so you can be the go-to for the people you want to serve to fill your practice and your wallet and create impact in real people’s lives.

Show highlights include:

– Why the majority of your and your patient’s success is NOT because of the treatment you can give. ([3:25]) – This common behavior prevents any healing from taking place in the patient—never do this. ([6:20]) – How to shrug your shoulders at people who disagree and even hate your message. ([11:40]) – Which mindset to adapt to get your market to turn their heads and pay attention to you—and how the same method leverages your message to attract patients without marketing. ([13:00]) – How to save thousands every month on expensive marketing agencies—while you get the same results (don’t worry, you won’t have to learn any tech stuff). ([18:00]) – The most common causes of not being present enough to serve your patients. ([29:00]) – How often do you say “thanks”? Here’s why saying it more might help grow your practice. ([30:00]) – You have certain gifts you can share with your patients. Use them this way… and watch your practice transform. ([32:35])

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