From acquiring the skills you need to serve people to setting up your practice, setting goals and attracting patients, much goes into becoming a go-to practitioner. And all those things help you build your dream practice. Most are necessary.

But to become a true go-to practitioner, you must cultivate two qualities. If you can cultivate these, you’ll stop pushing your practice uphill and chasing people. Instead, you’ll watch your practice grow by itself like an avalanche. These two qualities are the third pillar of becoming a go-to practitioner.

In this episode, you’ll learn what these two qualities are, how they affect you, your practice and your patients and how to cultivate them in your everyday life to feel joy and help your patients.

Show highlights include:

– The first step to helping your patients heal—you must do this before they ever walk into your practice. ([2:00]) – How to appreciate your work even when it gets boring or repetitive. Serving your patients while loving what you do is how you get to the next level. ([3:55]) – How many patients do you need to serve to “make it”? Toss that number out of the window and watch your practice grow by itself. ([7:30]) – You can make a great impact even if you’ve got a small audience—here’s how. ([14:00]) – Do this 30 second habit before sleep to attain one of the central qualities of a go-to practitioner. ([20:55]) – The most simple way to create viral marketing—you already do this almost every day. ([25:10]) – How to shortcut your progress and double (or triple) your practice in 6-12 months instead of spending painful years working with just a few patients. ([32:15])

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