Attract MORE Patients. Deliver MORE Impact. Create MORE Income.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at THE SUMMIT!

Saturday and Sunday JUNE 8-9, 2019 in HOUSTON, TX

The Agenda

SATURDAY, JUNE 8th, 2019

9am – 12pm

Secret Meditation And Mindset Techniques To Grow Your Practice And Help More People

Create UNSTOPPABLE forward momentum. Permanently escape doubt, overwhelm, and fear. And totally dial in your High-Impact, High-Income Mindset using Chris’ TWO most POWERFUL core daily rituals.

LUNCH – 12pm – 1pm


Attracting Motivated Patients With The Power Of Magnetic Messaging

Complete a SECRET, POWERFUL process to gain CORE CERTAINTY and a CLEAR VISION around your UNIQUE PURPOSE and CORE MISSION, then create the foundation of your POWERFUL MESSAGE that will attract patients to you FOREVER.


SUNDAY, JUNE 9th, 2019

9am – 12pm

Filling Your Practice With The Power Of Simplified Advertising

Learn to use simple Facebook and Google ad strategies that generate POWERFUL RESONANCE in your community and ATTRACT the people you are MEANT to help, without “chasing”, “persuading”, or “selling”.

LUNCH – 12pm – 1pm

1- 4PM

Converting Prospects Into Loyal Patients, Lifetime Followers, And Perpetual Referrers.

Learn about the LANGUAGE PATTERNS and MICRO-COMMITMENTS you will leverage to initiate an AUTHENTIC BOND with your future patients so they make THEIR OWN DECISION to TRUST YOU, FOLLOW YOU, COMPLETE THEIR TREATMENT PROGRAMS, and then REFER to you FOREVER. (aka you get to be a LEADER, a GURU, a LIGHT… not “PLAYING DOCTOR”, but opening the gate for REAL TRANSFORMATION TO TAKE PLACE.)

Here’s what you’re getting.

Your Ticket To High-Impact Healer Summit Includes…

  • A VIP FULL ACCESS PASS to the High-Impact Healer Summit in Houston, TX – June 8th – 9th 2019.

  • TWO days of intensive, fast-track training that will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you not only see yourself and your practice, but your MARKET and teach you how to create a POWERFUL, RESONANT message that positions you with TRUST, AUTHORITY and AUTHENTICITY so you get to be yourself and live the dream of the High-Impact, High-Income Healer.

  • The Most POWERFUL Mindset Strategies Chris ONLY teaches in his EXCLUSIVE War Room program that have helped his students BREAK THROUGH a level of FEARLESS pursuit of their goals and dreams.

  • The Next Level Warrior Tactical Manual – a complete guide to building your RESONANT MESSAGE to attract AS MANY motivated, ready-to-work-with-you patients AS YOU WANT.

  • The Autopilot Patient Attraction Blueprint which explains the CORE SYSTEMS and RITUALS behind how Chris built his 3-location, 200+ patient per-week practice to over $900,000 in revenue in 2018 using a RESONANT, AUTHENTIC message combined with SIMPLE, POWERFUL advertising strategies.

  • PLUS community and camaraderie with some of the most dedicated, high-impact, and amazing people you’ll EVER meet. You’ll build connections that will help you grow both spiritually and logistically as a business owner and practitioner. ❤️

About Chris Axelrad

Chris Axelrad is a Master Acupuncturist and Holistic Endocrinologist in practice since 2004. He’s built what is one of the most successful acupuncture clinics in the US, with 3 locations (and a 4th location opening early 2018), over 5,000 patients, and over $812,000 in revenue just last year.

And, he’s done all this WITHOUT selling out his authentic mission and purpose to be a source-connected, high-impact healer.

Chris never set out to have such a large practice. But, once he connected with his deeper purpose in life through his work, and learned how to transmit that message via:

  • Powerful free talks
  • Effective, autopilot Facebook and Google ads
  • Magnetic social media processes (that run on autopilot)
  • A clear, concise, heart-centered process in clinic that creates time-leverage WITHOUT sacrificing real connection with his patients

His practice EXPLODED.

Between 2011 and 2017, revenues went from barely above $200K to over $800K. During that time, Chris opened a second satellite location (in 2011) followed by a third in 2016.

His practice is now staffed by 3 acupuncturists (himself included) along with an AMAZING team of 3 support staff that are LOCKED IN on providing the BEST holistic care possible to EVERY single patient.

Chris is also a master of community outreach. His free events regularly “sell out” and attract new patients and build community and buzz around his practice, with minimal effort and maximum results.

Chris’ new mission is to help 1,000s of acupuncturists around the world build successful, heart-centered, high-impact, high-income practices rooted in AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY. He believes that the holistic medical lineage of Chinese Medicine provides the most powerful, evolved, and effective blueprint for preventive, curative, and RESTORATIVE medicine, helping people thrive and live lives of joy and purpose.

To learn more about Chris and his programs, click here to register for his FREE training that explains his process and teaches YOU how to do what he does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this ONLY for Chris’ War Room members?

It’s part of War Room but we always release a few seats for non-War Room people who want to learn the High-Impact, High-Income strategies Chris teaches.

What’s different about this event?

Not only do you get very intensive mindset training (which is the core of ALL success), you get REAL tactics that Chris has used for YEARS to successfully build a practice that has grossed over $3,200,000 since 2013 ($800,000 in 2017 alone). No FLUFF. No BS. Just real stuff that works.

What is the schedule?

We go from 9am until around 5pm each day. It’s intensive work around building YOUR powerful mindset and message, then we teach you how to POSITION your message so it is seen by thousands and encourages those ready for YOUR help to TAKE ACTION to meet with you.

What will I leave with?

You'[ll leave with the blueprint for YOUR “Perfect Patient Lighthouse (Funnel)” that attracts clients YOU want to help to YOU on Autopilot. The copy, the message, the ad copy, EVERYTHING.

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