When your patients come in to be healed, they’re not just looking for your treatment. They come to feel your presence. They want to be safe, heard and understood—and feel it.

They want to experience holistic healing.

This episode teaches you how to become more than a practitioner and be a healing presence to your patients. What seems like a quick mindset switch might actually mean a complete transformation of your practice.

This episode will teach you how to become an all-around healing presence for your patients so you can accomplish your mission.

Show highlights include:

– How holistic medicine is shamanic—in the best sense of the word. ([3:20]) – Crucial areas for healing most practitioners don’t even think about (set yourself apart by helping your patients with these). ([4:10]) – The consequences of attracting patients without preparing your practice and presence. ([6:50]) – The real meaning of caring for others. ([7:20]) – One big limiting factor for the growth of your practice, patients, impact and income. ([11:15]) – What practitioners don’t deserve to call themselves holistic. ([18:10]) – A simple-to-fix problem present in many practices today. ([22:00])

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