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Success Stories From "The Tribe"

Check out Julie

30 to 56 patients/wk in less than 4 mos

Monica CRUSHING her first 70 patient week... 😉

45 patients 3 months after opening her practice.

YEP. She had ZERO patients when she signed up.

30 days in... 6 new patients in 2 days.

"5 of which came from internal marketing" (what could be easier than that?)

Space is extremely limited.

Barely thru Module ONE of the training and already has 8 ppl on a waitlist.

"My practice is growing by leaps and bounds."

Already about to hit her 40 pt/wk goal - WAY sooner than she thought. 

6 new consults booked in ONE week - all became patients.

And another 3 free consults in a row on the SAME DAY she posted this.

Practice growth of 30% and a "bona-fide waiting list"

after just 2.5 months in the program.

Space is extremely limited.

"I have been able to double the amount of people I see in a day... and finding my stride with being a new mom & clinic owner"

And the clinic is operating "like a fine oiled machine" with a bigger team...

One schedule tweak. 24 patients in a day (including 4 new patients)

and left 30 minutes early.

A frequently used word in our private Facebook group is...

"Busiest week ever..."

"Busiest month to date, and I didn't even realize"

"Busiest day in practice to date..."

"Busiest month to date..."

Space is extremely limited.