In the world of entrepreneurship and natural health, everyone seems to succeed. You can see people have giant impact while living dream lifestyles on a high income.

In a world like that, it’s easy to become jealous. It’s easy to envy those who seem to have, know and be everything. But envy doesn’t help on your way to become a successful healer, serving your purpose and building your dream practice.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to check yourself and enable yourself to rise above the nagging feeling of greed.

Show highlights include:

– You don’t just give people medicine or help them heal… here’s how you REALLY give people what they look for. ([2:15]) – Why people come to natural practitioners after the medical establishment neglected them (reverse this and your patients will love you). ([3:55]) – How envy keeps you from becoming the leader people seek… and pay you well to be. ([5:10]) – Why NOT to learn from most people who seem so successful on social media (unless you want to learn how to become miserable). ([6:00]) – The only place you can find joy, happiness and peace (luckily, you can go to that place anytime). ([9:00]) – Don’t be THIS kind of person—or watch your patients run from you. ([12:05]) – The key to breaking free from envy and practicing without beating yourself up. ([15:00])

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