You’ve probably tried to market your practice before. And whether you’ve bought ads online, sent out postcards or put up flyers somewhere, you’ve had to write copy for your marketing.

And if you’re like many practitioners out there, you didn’t quite know what to write for your ad—and when you saw the results, they weren’t quite the windfall you expected. But you don’t have to keep doing what doesn’t work, because in this episode, you’ll learn how to write copy that brings in patients quick.

Show highlights include:

– The most important part of your ad to nail—and the 3 most common mistakes practitioners make on this crucial bit. ([1:00]) – Why even ads that you think don’t work might be hugely profitable. ([9:55]) – How to create an “ecosystem” of marketing that gets patients to keep coming back and turns unconvinced prospects into grateful patients over time. ([13:55]) – The only audience for which Google AdWords will work—use them outside of these circumstances and you’ll burn your money for nothing. ([25:50])

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