Patients can be hard to understand. On the one hand, there are tons of people who need your help. You could help these people lead better lives. But when it comes to get them into your practice, it seems like they don’t want help—even though you’ve shown them your solution.

In this episode, you’ll learn how your marketing can connect with your prospects and patients on an emotional level so they feel certain that your presence can relieve them of their pain.

Show highlights include:

– All the elements you need to craft a “killer ad” that turns people in pain into grateful patients for you. ([6:45]) – The biggest mistake practitioners make in their marketing that delays their progress by years (don’t make this mistake and you’ll make and impact in months that others don’t make in years). ([7:55]) – Why the classic marketing “avatar” is dead—and how you to actually reach those who are desperate for your help. ([20:40]) – The most common fears patients have before seeking treatment by a holistic practitioner–alleviate those and those you serve will flock to you. ([26:15])

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