Y’all realize… What they told us about YIN and YANG was not a fairy tale. It’s 100% REAL.

SUCCESS as a healer means…BALANCE.

But, not the kind of “balance” ordinary people talk about. Ordinary concepts of balance are more about SAFETY and SECURITY, not GROWTH and MOMENTUM. In order to leverage the power of the Universal Flow, we have to MOVE, and learn to stay balanced “WITHIN THE FLUX”. There’s a reason the Yin/Yang symbol is a circle, with an S curve in the middle, with the little dots in each “side”.

It’s meant to represent a VORTEX.

It’s not static.

And, within that VORTEX is a power that is unfathomable.

It holds mountains…

And moves oceans…

It stores and releases infinite amounts of energy EVERY SINGLE MILLISECOND in an ever present burst of light and sound.

BALANCE is learning to MOVE within that, learning how to FLOW with it and learning how to shape-shift in response to the ever-present ebb and flow.

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And, when I say MOVE, I don’t mean trying to doing everything all of the time.

I mean intentionally shifting your state.

  • “Awake” is a state.
  • “Asleep” is a state.
  • “Focus” is a state.
  • “Quietude” is a state.

The most powerful thing you can do to increase your success as a business owner and a healer is to learn how to INTENTIONALLY GENERATE YOUR STATE.


Because there’s only ONE LOCATION from which you can GENERATE your state. And that location is your TRUE IDENTITY.

And, the more you inhabit and embody your true identity, the more you inhabit and embody your POWER to CREATE.

That power is EVERYTHING when it comes to being a successful, powerful, high-impact, high-income healer.

It’s not something to FEAR. It’s something to FOLLOW.

And, you’ll NEVER find it in the safe, secure places.

It’s WILD and UNFORGIVING in its raw strength.

To channel that power requires a very precise, unspeakable and unquantifiable mix of focus and openness, of intentionality and responsiveness.

As the current shifts, you shift.

You harness and guide…

And things begin to crystallize and manifest.

Stop “trying” to balance and LET yourself find the balance by feeling dizzy and unsure.

Beautiful things will start to happen.


What’s the sign you’re on the right track?

When you find yourself in unfamiliar inner territory and your first instinct is to MOVE FORWARD instead of FREEZE.

Chris Axelrad, Creator Of Power Practice Alchemy (read more about me here)

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