As a holistic health practitioner, you’ve probably heard many different opinions on business and marketing strategies.
When you’re passionate about your practice, it’s so hard to know who to listen to—after all, the decisions you make determine the success or failure of your mission.

In this first episode, you’ll learn who this podcast is made for and find out how listening will help you grow your income without sacrificing authenticity, joy and passion. You’ll also get to know your host Chris Axelrad and learn how he helps people holistically without selling out.

Show highlights include:

– Who this podcast is for—and who shouldn’t listen (don’t listen if you want to run this one type of business) . ([4:10])
– An uncomfortable “dirty word” in holistic health circles you have to deal with. ([5:25])
– Hands-on results the techniques outlined in this podcast have achieved for authentic professionals. ([8:20])
– Why this podcast is different than most other resources you can find online. ([9:00])
– How to spot people you should never to trust when you want to grow your practice without selling out (many consultants and “marketing experts” do this). ([13:10])
– The main problems this show will solve for holistic health practitioners with a purpose. ([17:35])

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