If you’re seeing this page… It’s because you are part of an exclusive group that we’re reaching out to.

Earlier this year, you took a big step to building your AUTHENTIC High-Impact, High-Income practice by booking and showing up for your strategy call with Chris.

And, now we have a special year-end offer to make it EASIER for you to join up and get the leverage and momentum you want so you can CRUSH your goals in 2018 and finally start building that practice you’ve dreamed of.

Just to recap what you’re going to get in War Room to TOTALLY level up your practice and teach you everything you need to know for unlimited growth on your terms:

  1. It’s a 12-month step-by-step program where I walk you through building your “High-Impact, High-Income Practice”.
  2. Includes access to a members-only portal containing straightforward, simplified, and VERY FOCUSED online course materials (you have lifetime access to these)
  3. You get direct access to me for 3 months (via one-on-one chat app and email) for questions and support – ANYTHING from hiring, to process, to help with website copy, to encouragement… just no personal errands or calling relatives for you (although I MIGHT do that just for the adventure lol)
  4. 12 Months of access to my private Facebook War Room-Only “mastermind” group where we continually help each other kick ass and break through our blocks to massive success and impact
  5. 12 Months of access to our weekly War-Room-Only “Roundtable” group Q&A webinar where we all pow-wow to get everyone’s questions answered, help with website copy, office process, business systems, clear through where people are stuck. I also screenshare and demo/show various tech stuff that I do or that you have questions about.
    1. These calls are recorded so you have access to listen back if you can’t attend live. Also I will answer questions you post even if you can’t be on the call that day.
  6. The online members portal lessons are broken down into weekly units that step you through the entire process of…
    1. High-Impact Mindset Secrets – Getting complete clarity on your purpose, mission and who you want to serve
    2. Encoding Your Message – Creating powerful attraction systems to get those people to reach out to you and connect (i.e. adwords, social media, free talks) – during this phase I actually help you get your website together as well for maximum impact on those who land there
    3. Ethical Indoctrination Secrets – Learning a very powerful (and ethical) indoctrination psychology that totally gets them on board and fired up to work with you and pay you and – most importantly – stick to the treatment plan and follow up – once you nail this process it is simple and takes very little time and there is NO sales or convincing involved whatsoever
    4. Time Collapsing Follow-Up Process – Learning my VERY time-efficient and results-oriented in-clinic follow-up process that delivers more impact to more people in less time with less effort – I’ll help you tailor this to your specific needs/desires.
    5. Perpetual Ongoing Engagement – Creating ongoing engagement processes that keep bringing massive value to your tribe  – forever – meaning they refer to you – forever (this also includes FREE talks)
    6. Unlimited Growth Hacks – Then the last part we talk about how I’ve scaled things up, hired rock star associates, opened multiple locations – essentially you learn how to grow to whatever level you see fit for yourself and your mission/vision
  7. BONUS 1 – As part of it you also get rights to come shadow me in clinic for 2 days – ask whatever questions you want and see the entire “behind the scenes” viewpoint
  8. BONUS 2 – you get access to Core Confidence Code (as yet unreleased) that is my signature course on developing massive confidence in yourself, your mission, your vision – get over all fears of just BEING YOURSELF and BEING A BADASS
  9. BONUS 3 – FREE ticket to my “Tribal Marketing Mindset Mastermind” which is a quarterly live immersion, in Houston, Texas. Next one is October 7&8.
  10. BONUS 4 – Access to my Google Drive folder with all my Powerpoints, info sheets, worksheets, forms, and other materials we use in clinic – including phone scripts, emails, etc. that help us book new patients and keep them on the calendar.

The new payment plan is: $1750 to start, then $475/mo for 11 months.

That means for less than $16/day you’re going to get the MOST POWERFUL system for practice growth EVER CREATED for ACUPUNCTURISTS. NO JOKE.

(Also, by locking in your membership before Dec 31st, 2017, you’ll secure your 60-minute one-on-one Strategic Planning Call with Chris. This is seriously EXCLUSIVE – usually only his highest-level mastermind clients (who pay in excess of $10K a year) get this kind of access. But, you’ll get this call just for joining now.

On that call, Chris is going to help you determine the EXACT ACTION STEPS you need to take during the first 90 days of 2018 to get the most momentum. Remember, Chris has helped people double their patient counts in under 6 months, hire associates, bootstrap clinics from 0 to 40 patients in less than 4 months, and more.

His strategies are POWERFUL, PRECISE, and POTENT.

So, if you’re ready, click the button below, fill out the form, and we’ll get back with you to answer any remaining questions you might have and finalize everything to get you INTO THE ROOM.


Our Students Are CRUSHING IT...

Ready to learn more about my EXCLUSIVE War Room High-Impact, High-Income Business and Marketing Mentorship for Holistic Healers?

On your one-on-one Strategy Session we'll talk about your practice as it is today, where you want to be in 6-12 months, and the specific actions that will get you there. And, if it's a good fit (aka you're a good fit for the program and you feel we're a good fit for you), we'll talk about getting you into what is the ELITE training for healers who want to be High-Impact AND High-Income WITHOUT selling out their authentic mission and purpose.

No pressure. No gimmicks. No BS. Just a REAL CONVERSATION about where you're at and where you're headed.