Many holistic practitioners like to talk about the universe giving them something or about putting their intentions into the universe.

All of that might sound nice, but the truth is: The universe doesn’t really care all that much and it’s you who has to make things happen.

In this episode, you’ll hear how to take responsibility and make things happen without blaming failures or successes on the universe.

As a result, you’ll be in control of your destiny, deciding how many patients you work with and how much they will pay you.

Show highlights include:

– If you doubt yourself as a practitioner, do this and take back control over your own thoughts. ([3:10]) – You can absolutely get messages, but if you don’t realize this, they’ll never translate into any real-world results. ([6:45]) – The single quality which will let you run a successful clinic AND be a healing presence for your patients. ([7:10]) – Why to expect mistakes—and why they’re often more important than your successes. ([9:00])

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