In the medical field, most companies, practitioners and patients are uncomfortable with talking about money. The prevalence of sweeping money concerns under the rug is almost absurd, considering how openly currency is talked about in other industries. If thinking about money and income scares you, this episode is for you.

You’ll learn why most practitioners think about money the wrong way—and how to think about money to increase your income and serve those who need your help without becoming a patient mill.

Show highlights include:

– Why it’s perfectly normal to be uncomfortable with talking about money—and why you need to face this “fear” to accomplish your mission. ([1:00]) – What money really is and how it helps you serve people. ([3:25]) – The only thing you need to do to make your practice more profitable, prosperous and abundant. ([6:05]) – Two deep-seated reasons why practitioners feel guilty about receiving money and how to fix them. ([6:55]) – How to not be a commodity, but a valuable healer. ([9:00]) – The painful consequences of considering yourself a “fixer” instead of a healer. ([12:55]) – Why you must see the value of your service before your customer can. ([19:20])

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