If you’re like most people, you can think back to a time where you seriously embarrassed yourself. We call moments “embarrassing” when we unintentionally break rules everybody else abides by.

Usually, somebody explains the rules to you. But when it comes to building a thriving practice, most of us simply don’t have any successful practitioners to call on who can explain the rules of how to fill your practice without selling out.

In this episode, you’ll find out what never to do when you talk to those you want to serve so you don’t embarrass yourself when you talk to your patients.

Show highlights include:

– These phrases are all too common in practitioner’s marketing, but they don’t attract patients. ([0:35]) – The one thing patients value even over results. ([4:20]) – It hurts to hear, but your treatment is worthless—here’s why you’re better off for it. ([4:55]) – Your degree and your tools don’t get you patients or paid. Here’s where the value of your treatment is actually generated. ([6:20]) – How to explain your process so your clients tell all their loved ones about you. ([19:00]) – The most important person to talk about in your marketing messaging. ([22:35])

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