What if I told you that it was all just a huge wave…

Like an ocean…continually ebbing and flowing, rising and falling.

What if I told you that it wasn’t about controlling the ocean or avoiding the parts that you don’t like…

What if I told you that the point was to learn to SEE what was truly happening?

And from that clarity… then ACT?

I truly believe the entire first chapter of the Nei Jing (our classic text in TCM) is basically telling us this.

“In the past, people practiced the Tao, the Way of Life. They understood the principle of balance as represented by the transformations of the energies of the universe. They formulated exercises to promote energy flow to harmonize themselves with the universe. They ate a balanced diet at regular times, arose and retired at regular hours, avoided over stressing their bodies and minds, and refrained from overindulgence of all kinds. They maintained well-being of body and mind; thus, it is not surprising that they lived over one hundred years.”

What Qi Bo is telling us here is that there is a WAY THINGS WORK.

A way things ARE.

That way doesn’t change.

A way that just IS what it IS what it IS.


The problem is that we LOSE SIGHT of it.

It’s always there. ALWAYS. Independent of what is “going on” in the world.

The opportunity to SEE what IS never ends.

But it’s not enough to just see it.

The next step, as implied in the teaching above, is to ACCEPT it and HARMONIZE with it.

I truly believe with all my heart that doing so is the key to being a successful practitioner of our medicine.

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Learn to connect with that power inside of YOU.

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And then, as I like to say…

You become the OASIS IN THE DESERT.

Not because you’re full of yourself or continually talking about yourself…

But because you are in touch with the truth of who you ARE as Original Spirit.

You move forward with grace and presence…

You try to show kindness and mercy towards yourself and all things at all times…

And you are fearless in the face of failure and rejection because you are no longer judging yourself.

You’re too busy BEING yourself.

This may seem like it has nothing to do with business. But, trust me, it has EVERYTHING to do with business.

That is… If you want your business to be an authentic vehicle for the healing power you are capable of delivering.

Because more than anything else, what you SEE determines what you will BE.

To Your Ultimate Victory,

Chris Axelrad, Creator Of Power Practice Alchemy (read more about me here)

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