How I Created A Multi-Location Acupuncture Clinic That Consistently Generates Over $700K Annually WITHOUT Sacrificing My Authentic Mission and Purpose To Serve My Community With HEART and TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP.

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I was born into a family of MDs.

Yep. Father, all my uncles, my GREAT uncle (and God knows how many of my Eastern European ancestors) and now my brother and brother-in-law. All doctors.

To be clear, I was ever explicitly told “you’re going to follow in the family tradition” or anything like that.

But, there were always the undertones.

Like… I was simply EXPECTED to excel in school. It was NORMAL for me to get straight-A report cards and nobody ever noticed, really. Or, at least it seemed like it.

And, despite my curious and creative (and musical) leanings, I was always pushed to be more “conventional” and “conservative”.

To say the least… I pushed back.

Graduating high school with a 4.25 GPA and SAT scores that probably (in hindsight) could have gotten me into pretty much any Pre-Med program I wanted to attend…

Medicine was the furthest thing from my mind. I couldn’t have cared less about it.

There was only ONE THING I cared about.


I’ll never forget the day I told my father that I wanted to attend Berklee College Of Music in Boston (I’d attended a 5-week summer program there between junior and senior year of high-school). Was one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life up to that time. Lit a FIRE in me.

The look on his face was… as I expected… perplexed and CONCERNED. Like, “OMG, my kid is going down the WRONG path.”

The answer was swift and sure. “Son, you’re not going to some music college. You’re going to have to go to a REAL university…”

Having had my own kids, I now understand his concerns. But at that time, I was devastated of course.

I thought my life was over (lol gotta love that high-school “my life is over” drama).

Then, I remembered… My drum teacher at the time – who was a total badass jazz musician – had attended North Texas State University.

A “real university” with a REAL jazz program. Like, one of the TOP in the country. Right here in my home state.

And, my ticket was punched.

Now, why am I telling you this, when what you’re interested in is learning how to build and grow and sustain a powerful, authenticity-driven healing practice?

Honestly, I don’t know. I just started writing and that’s what came out.

HOWEVER, here’s what I can tell from where this is going.

You need to know that you are on a journey.

And, more than that, you need to know that every single step on that journey has given you skills, knowledge, and wisdom that make you uniquely powerful and attractive.

Attractive? Huh?


But, not in the fashion-model consumeristic contrived buy-this-shit-now brand of attractive.

This is a different kind of attractive.

It’s an authentic, soulful, real, and very inspirational kind of attractive.

It’s a RESONANT attraction, based on your ability to connect with someone who needs YOUR help, YOUR unique way of seeing, framing, and facilitating shifts in others.

Whether you realize it or not… YOU’VE ALREADY GOT THAT.

It’s something I call GRAVITATIONAL PULL and if you didn’t have it… You wouldn’t be here.

The sages taught us that we are Universes, each a microcosmos within the macro.

Think about that.

What is at the center of this?



Again… Gravity. (That’s an embryo, by the way).

My most SECRET, High-Integrity, High-Impact Practice Marketing and Growth Strategies from the Front Lines snail-mailed to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH for just $7.

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 Don’t believe me?

Well… I ask you then… How do you think all the elements, molecules, substances, and fluids that make up your body arranged themselves and continue to stay arranged and united in structure and function?

What force is it that HOLDS THESE THINGS TOGETHER to form what is your physical body?


The exact same gravity that holds galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets, oceans, and mountains in their place in the cosmos… is the same gravity that holds YOU here, now.

Can you see it? No.

Can you feel it?


Does it have REAL effects on your surroundings – both IMMEDIATE and DISTANT?


In fact, modern physics has PROVEN that gravity not only affects objects in space.


Why is that important for you as a healer and acupuncturist?

Because when you have GRAVITATIONAL PULL, you transcend both SPACE and TIME and literally ATTRACT your patients to YOU. No joke.

And… as far as I’m concerned, the ONE BIGGEST DIFFERENTIATOR between those who succeed (AT ANYTHING, really… but ESPECIALLY as healers), and those who struggle and never reach their potential is this:

Their level of skill AND conscious ability to tap into and create a resonant state that amplifies this “Gravitational Pull” AT WILL.

It starts with something very few “marketing gurus” and “business coaches” ever tell you to do.

That’s because it has nothing to do with copywriting, headlines, ads, funnels, videos, blogs, social media, Google, SEO, or anything else you can think of that they endlessly drone on about.


The ability to amplify Gravitational Pull starts with ONE thing and ONE thing only.


  1. Who are you?
  2. Why are you here?
  3. What is your purpose and mission?
  4. And, how willing are you to COMMIT to that, to go ALL IN on realizing the full potential of YOU as a badass, locked-in, UNSTOPPABLE force?

In other words… You start HERE.

As the Buddha said (and, no I’m not a Buddhist but wisdom he spoke was ON POINT):

The jewel is in the heart of the lotus.

In other words…

Unlock the secret power within YOU, and you unlock the secret to EVERYTHING.

  • How to attract more patients so you can do what you love every single day.
  • How to get more consistent clinical results so you can feel fulfilled in your work.
  • How to generate more referrals so you can help even MORE people.
  • How to gain more clarity on your life and your goals so you have a sense of direction and purpose.
  • How to develop more discipline and focus so you aren’t wasting any more time going in circles.

And… most importantly…



My most SECRET, High-Integrity, High-Impact Practice Marketing and Growth Strategies from the Front Lines snail-mailed to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH for just $7.

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So, ANYWAY… back to Jazz.

I went to college, and jumped full-force into becoming a badass jazz drummer. Studied with some of the best in the business. Friends of mine from college ended up touring and recording with groups like Steely Dan, Sting, Pearl Jam, Al Jarreau, Harry Connick, Jr. and many others.

I used to beat myself up for not having gone that direction (when I easily could have)… I felt like I’d failed (even though I hadn’t).

In hindsight now, I realize that was never my path, because something else happened while I was at North Texas State.

I met this man.

Kumar Pallana. Yoga teacher and… SAGE.

When I met him, I was 19 years old, he around 70.

And, he was still doing yoga like a 20 year-old.

Headstands, handstands, all those poses you know and love. He was still doing them.

But, the REAL thing he opened up for me – which is why I know our meeting was something pre-destined – was a love for mysticism and, more importantly, natural healing.

Kumar had a little library on the first floor of his house where he taught yoga in an upstairs studio.

One day, after class, I started looking through that library.

Now, remember… I grew up in a family of MDs. Very conservative. By the book. I’d never seen ANYTHING like this before.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but… that day when I opened that first book…

I opened the door to my true identity.

I became obsessed with borrowing books from Kumar’s library (and, yes, I always returned them lol). I’d never read that much in my LIFE.

Yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, energy healing… prana, pranayama, pranic healing… All that stuff.

It was a turning point. I started drifting towards that and away from my music. And, I suffered what I can only refer to now as

An identity crisis.

I started questioning everything about myself. All the things I’d been taught about life growing up. The path I was on. The studies I’d chosen to pursue.

Within 18 months, I decided to leave North Texas.

I was conflicted and unsure of myself. There was this whole thing opening up to me, but at 20 years old I really couldn’t even begin to understand it.

I was being reborn.

That process unfolded over the ensuing decade after I returned home, during which time

I continued to play drums (and I still play to this day because it is part of who I am and always will be).

Became a self-taught software engineer, both out of necessity for money and – again in hindsight – a natural desire to learn how to channel and direct my mind (anyone who’s ever written code will tell you it is a deep, deep form of meditation and focusing).

Discovered and became obsessed with Qigong and the concept of cultivating Life Force Energy…

In 1999, the bridge was finally complete.

Nine (9) years after leaving North Texas, a DECADE after opening that first book from Kumar’s library that blew my mind away and re-introduced me to MYSELF (not “myself” but “my-SELF”), the bridge had finally been completed.

I enrolled at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and… as they say…

The Rest Is History

 Started my practice in 2004, quit my “day job” in 2008… and never looked back.

Routinely getting 30 – 50 new patient consultations every single month…

My most SECRET, High-Integrity, High-Impact Practice Marketing and Growth Strategies from the Front Lines snail-mailed to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH for just $7.

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So, going into 2017 (Jan 1st, 2017 to be exact), I was looking at the numbers for the first time in a while…

I’m like,

“Holy shit, look at these numbers we generated the last 4 years! Not bad for a kid who wanted to be a jazz musician and was told he’d never be able to make a living as an acupuncturist.”

Between 2003, when I graduated from Acupuncture School, and the end of 2016, we’d grown to:

  • 3 locations
  • 2 associates that are ROCKING
  • Over 6,000 patients.

And, as shown in the above screenshot of my Quickbooks account, we managed to generate almost $3,200,000 just in the last FIVE years alone.

All cash pay. NO insurance.



Up until that point, I’d been locked in, 100% focused on MY practice, MY patients, MY business, MY success (and my team’s).

It dawned on me…

People NEED to know how to do this so THEY can help more people and prosper and grow like I have.

The gratitude I was feeling was incredible. It wasn’t about the money or the numbers, really (although it IS awesome to wake up every day KNOWING that you’re going to pay your bills, save money, have new patients calling, and get tons of referrals).

It was about the IMPACT.

If there’s ONE thing I’ve never compromised, EVER, as I’ve walked this now 14-year path to where I am today it is this:


And, that’s something I take very seriously as a mentor to other acupuncturists, herbalists, and healers who want that same kind of success.

See, MY success – OUR success – is not about US at all.


THEIR truth, THEIR purpose, THEIR mission.

See, the same process I went through – all the pain, the uncertainty, the struggle – getting from where I was to where I am today…

That’s the SAME struggle each of our patients are going through.

Sure, it manifests as physical pain, hormonal imbalance, emotional struggle, fatigue, headaches, you name it…

But we are ALL experiencing the SAME BASIC STRUGGLE: To become FULLY EMBODIED expressions of our HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

And I truly believe our job as practitioners of this path is to use the TOOLS and WISDOM of the most powerful healing system ever created by humans – the Shamanic Lineage we call “Traditional Chinese Medicine” – to help THEM emerge into who THEY ARE.

See, when we help people HEAL, we help them become a LITTLE (or sometimes a LOT) more unified with their destiny.

And, that’s the key.

Our medicine is a medicine of DESTINY.

NOW, I’m on a mission to help YOU reach YOURS.

By becoming a powerful, source-connected, authentic HEALER.

Operating from a place of true service and compassion.

With marketing and business systems that REFLECT and CHANNEL that authenticity into your community.

My most direct path to this, at the highest level, is my War Room program, a 12-month transformational business and marketing mentorship that consists of a potent mix of intensive one-on-one support, self-paced high-impact training, and an exclusive community that is second-to-none for those looking to grow sustainable, powerful, profitable healing practices.

It’s an intensive mentorship where we work together to master the principles of what I call “Perpetual Patient Attraction Alchemy” into you so you can bring the FULL POWER of WHO YOU ARE into this world and become an inspiration and leader to others.

I fully realize not everyone is ready for that kind of intensity and commitment yet. (Hell, some people will NEVER be ready, and that’s OK too).

So, I’m doing something that’s going to be both FUN (for me) and LIFE-CHANGING (for you).

It’s a monthly mailed (yep, old-school paper mail) newsletter called

The War Room Dispatch


My most SECRET, High-Integrity, High-Impact Practice Marketing and Growth Strategies from the Front Lines snail-mailed to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH for just $7.

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In it, I’m going to share REAL WORLD business and marketing strategies and tactics that are rooted in the true SPIRITUAL (yes, I said it) principles of our medicine.

Shen. Qi. Jing.

Or what I call…

The THREE Foundations of Authentic Attraction.

“The Dispatch” will be a “real-world” glimpse behind the scenes, providing live, real-time insights into how I:

  • Create, target and run effective ads
  • Set up autopilot marketing campaigns
  • Attract, initiate, and retain patients
  • Decide on next steps in growth
  • Build and nurture my team
  • And just about everything else (and there’s a LOT that goes into this, trust me).

And, you’re going to get this MONTHLY Dispatch for… basically… the cost of a fancy latte at Starbucks (or a tea at a fancy tea shop, if that’s your thing).

Yep. As usual, I’m being told I’m crazy (“that’s cray-cray” as one of my friends put it) for doing this.

(“They” also told me that when I decided to go to acupuncture school, when I decided to quit my 6-figure software coding job, when I opened a second location… you get the point 😉  ).

So, you get the Dispatch – every single month – with ALL that goodness inside to help you grow your practice…

for JUST

(are you ready??)

SEVEN (U.S.) DOLLARS a month.

That’s $7 a month.



Yep. If for some strange reason you’re like, “Man, this is bunk. This Chris Axelrad dude is a loon and I don’t want to read another word of his BS!” then, no sweat.

Just cancel. And, you won’t pay another dime.

Doubt that would happen, but… you never know.

Now, I’d go ahead and jump on this now because, even though I’m a risk-taker and I usually DON’T listen to the people who tell me I’m crazy (because they’re usually the ones who are playing it safe), I COULD still change my mind on this.

So, if you’re ready (and if you’re still reading I don’t know why you WOULDN’T be unless you just don’t want to be successful)…

Click the button and…

See you on the other side.

To Your Ultimate Victory,


My most SECRET, High-Integrity, High-Impact Practice Marketing and Growth Strategies from the Front Lines snail-mailed to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH for just $7.

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