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This is one of the core components of what I teach in War Room and the fact that I’m letting it go for this amount is kind of crazy… But, I LOVE to watch people grow and just by checking out this page, you’ve already demonstrated you WANT growth, so I want to offer you this ONE-TIME SHOT to get this INCREDIBLE training for this INSANELY LOW PRICE.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Step ONE – Instantly Create Massive Confidence In Yourself As A Healer

Confidence is CREATED, not LEARNED or EARNED. In this first module, I teach you how to GENERATE MASSIVE CONFIDENCE so you can start to BREAK THROUGH your internal barriers and HELP MORE PEOPLE with MORE FOCUS AND POWER.

INCLUDES – Guided Qigong Visualization Track – Power Projection Principle Level ONE

Learn how to concentrate your innate power and project it into the space around you so you can not only take care of the patients you have now, but ATTRACT more patients to you EFFORTLESSLY.

Step TWO – Bulletproofing Your Mind And Clinic Space

Here I teach you how to turn your clinic into a SACRED SPACE where negativity, fear, judgment, and self-doubt are BANISHED. This not only protects YOUR psychospiritual space, it sets the tone for your patient to feel safe, protected, and ready to experience the life-changing care you will provide.

INCLUDES – Guided Qigong Visualization Track – Creating a Clean Space For Client Interaction

Learn how to create an “energetic shield” around your clinic space so you can do YOUR work in the most powerful way possible with NO DISTRACTIONS. Your patients will notice the difference, too, TRUST ME.

Step THREE – How To Effortlessly Attract Patients With The Power Projection Principle

This is one of the core practices that has helped me grow to where we now have 3 locations, serve over 150-200 patients a week, and it just keeps growing and growing… It is one of the foundations of “Perpetual Patient Attraction Alchemy”, and once you learn how to do this you’ll see things shift in such a powerful way you’ll be sure this becomes part of your daily mindset ritual.

INCLUDES Guided Qigong Visualization Track – Power Projection Principle level TWO

This is the practice that continually attracts new patients to you by shifting your INTERNAL environment FIRST.

Step Four – Source Transmission Techniques

Here we discuss and help you develop the mindset of EMBODYING the medicine. What MOST acupuncturists do is focus on the tools and they forget that, as the sages told us, “The Heart Is The Emperor” and when you learn to transmit medicine just by your PRESENCE, your tools find their proper place and your power as a healer is exponentially increased.

BONUS – Stealth Influence Tactics For Maximum Patient Results

Your ability to get results with your patients depends LESS on your TECHNICAL skill (although it is important) and MORE on your INFLUENCE. Learn key elements of verbal language, body language, and self-talk… So your patients naturally WANT to do what you tell them to do WITHOUT you having to be pushy (meaning they get amazing results).

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