You can run an amazing practice filled with patients and employees, but if you’re driven by a mission, you care less about the numbers than you care about the impact you can make by healing people.

And that’s what it all comes down to. That’s why in this episode, you’ll hear from Montserrat Gonzales how she achieves results for her clients that she calls “kind of insane”.

You’ll find out about how she gets her patients the results they seek and which systems, mindsets and practices play a part in that.

Show highlights include:

– If you really care about making your clients feel better, you need to ask fewer questions. Here’s why. ([0:55]) – Why never to tell patients to quit their job or make other radical changes in their lives—and how to get them the insight to make the change they need. ([7:25]) – When you hear this sentence out of a patient’s mouth, you know you’re a great practitioner who has an impact on people’s lives. ([10:05])

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