You can have a filled practice that serves hundreds of patients a week. But when you don’t have a process for healing them, they’ll abandon you.

Having a system that works for your patients is what makes the difference between having raving fans that tell your friends about you and burning through patients one after another.

In this second part of Montserrat’s interview, you’ll hear how she turns patients into fans after she transformed her system for treating clients.

Show highlights include.

– If you’re looking to grow, you’ll need this quality (it might sound a bit old-timey at first, but it’s absolutely crucial if you’re looking for success). ([0:55]) – Why your body language and the way you talk can repel your patients—and how to keep attracting patients without changing your body language. ([8:10]) – Are you really the healer? Here’s why you and your patient should “change roles” sometimes. ([17:10]) – The weird reason you’ll get better results for your clients when you tell them less about your treatment. ([19:05])

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