Most people think of renewal and regeneration as:

  • Time off
  • Taking it easy
  • Recreation
  • Rest

Yeah. Those things are all helpful. But for there to be TRUE renewal and regeneration we must go a little deeper than that.

Winter solstice was the pivot. The shift between what WAS and what IS TO COME.

What WAS = the past year.

What IS TO COME = the coming year.

Simple enough, right?

But the problem is, we can get SO DISTRACTED at the beginning of the year.

The New Year is supposed to be a time of reflection and introspection but our modern conveniences and technologies keep us insulated from nature’s rhythms in a way that makes it easy to fall out of sync with the flow.

Think about it…1000 years ago – no TV, no electric lights, no refrigerated planes and trucks to carry foods across seasonal zones. 1000 years ago you had to personally make sure you’ve stored enough food for the Winter. You needed to endure longer nights and shorter days – meaning less time to be outside hunting and gathering (if there is even anything to hunt or gather)…There were no electric lights to stay awake until all hours. No TV or smartphones to numb your brain and distract you from your problems.

There was time to reflect. Time to think. TIME TO PLAN.

With our modern day conveniences, we can get so DISTRACTED from taking the time to reflect, think and plan, and even if we DO — it’s easy for us to forget what REFLECTION is supposed to be all about.

REFLECTION is about taking stock, being honest, and being real about the year that just passed.

It’s about asking questions like…

  • How did I do well as a leader, boss, healer, father, teacher, human?
  • How did I fall short as a leader, boss, healer, leader, teacher, human?

If you do’t REFLECT first, you can’t truly REGENERATE. If you’re going to be a High-Impact, High-Income Healer, you must “focus on what you’re GENERATING, and REGENERATING. This means you’re going to have to take time to REFLECT FIRST.

If you’re focused exclusively on what you’re GETTING without the REFLECTING, this really isn’t going to work. That’s called SELFISHNESS and GREED. MOST people make some resolutions that are based on what they WANT TO GET (like losing weight, exercising more, being nicer, reading some more books, etc…) versus WHAT THEY CAN GIVE.

POWERFUL HEALERS base their resolutions on a TRUE REFLECTION on REAL self-improvement and GENERATION of BECOMING MORE of who they already ARE.

So, for those of us who want to do THAT, we MUST reflect and be HONEST with what we DIDN’T do that last year.

Then… we FORGIVE, LET GO and make a complete PIVOT to turn towards a NEW LIGHT.

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This is a conscious process, an alchemical and transformative process where we EMBRACE our “failures” and “shortcomings” not as flaws, but as TEACHERS. We bring lovingkindness to ourselves and FORGIVE ourselves and OTHERS for the year’s troubles.

Just to be clear, forgiving ourselves through honest reflection does not let us off the hook. There’s still a COST for how we didn’t show up the right way. But that forgiveness is what allows us to MOVE FORWARD FULLY, without regret or remorse or shame or guilt.

So… SET YOUR GOALS and BE BOLD for this year.

My Goals are…

  • Open a 4th location in South Houston during Q1.
  • Automate ALL our marketing for the entire year (emails, ads, event dates and registration).
  • Create two more “lighthouses” – one for PCOS and one for Endometriosis – to attract more patients and continue growth.
  • Be a WAY better boss than I was this past year and help my employees grow and thrive even more.
  • Get War Room to over 500 members by years’ end and have War Room tribe generate over $25,000,000 in income for themselves collectively during that time (that’s an average of $50K per member which is TOTALLY doable – and some will triple or quadruple that amount based on the number of people who ALREADY HAVE this year).
  • FINALLY publish my book “Awakening The Seed” which has been sitting gathering virtual dust in a Google Drive folder for the last 12 months.

ALL of these goals are based on reflection on how I didn’t show up as my most clear, present, and powerful self. ALL of them are totally attainable. And ALL of them are resonant with my heart.

I commit to pursuing ALL of them with NO FEAR and NO REGRETS. I’m doing this not to prove myself right or be “better” than someone else, but to simply to push forward on the THINGS I WANT to accomplish as a healer and leader in helping OTHERS discover their own inner healer and leader.

So… tell me… what are YOUR goals? Give them a voice. Share them in our Facebook Group.

And make sure you make them about what YOU WANT, not what you are TRYING TO AVOID.

To Your Ultimate Victory,

Chris Axelrad, Creator Of Power Practice Alchemy (read more about me here)

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