Chris Axelrad, Master Acupuncturist, High-Impact Practice Success Mentor Owner of The Axelrad Clinic, a 3-Location, 200+ patient/wk acupuncture practice in Houston, TX where every year 1000’s of people’s lives are forever changed using a powerful blend of Acupuncture, Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine,  Mind-Body Coaching.

 The Six Days of “Axemas”

Or… Everything I Can Possibly Teach You (Over 6 Days) About How To Build A Practice You Love Serving Patients You Love While Making A Really Good Income In The Process…

There are core principles that – once you internalize them – make attracting patients EASY and FUN.

Gone forever is the stress and overwhelm most people associate with marketing.

Instead, there’s joy and inspiration and… dare I say… FUN as

  • you do really simple shit every single day
  • that attracts really cool patients (aka well-aligned with you) into your practice every single week
  • so you can earn a really great income every single month and
  • experience growth and expansion every single year.

Think that gives you an “unfair advantage”? Rhetorical question, actually. 😉

I’m going to break these core principles down and teach them to you over a 6-day period, from December 26th – December 31st.

Thinking I’ll call it “The 6 Days Of Axe-mas” because, well, I don’t know what the hell else to call it.

And… here’s how I’m seeing it go down in my head right now as I write this:

Over 6 days I’ll do a training each day, LIVE on Zoom, probably in the morning because that’s when my brain works the best (and yes it will be recorded for you if you register and I’ll send you the link afterwards).

Here’s what we’ll cover each day:

Day 1 – Perpetual Patient Attraction Alchemy Explained (aka I’m going to break the whole thing down for you in a simple, easy-to-understand diagram so you see how it all works together)

Day 2 – Problem & Process  – We start here to build your marketing around a solid core so it is not only powerful but INSPIRES your prospective patients to connect with you. When your prospects are self-motivated then you don’t have to do that much, right?

Day 3 – Magnetic Messaging – You need a message that is clear, congruent, and authentic so people know you’re “the real deal” from the first time they read your post, see your ad, or hear your voice on video or podcast. I’ll discuss the key elements of this process for you and we’ll get started building yours.

Day 4 – Autopilot Attraction – The key systems and rituals you need in your marketing – INCLUDING the right way to use paid advertising – to build your status as the GO-TO expert (guru) in your market.

Day 5 – Authentic (Sales-Free) Conversion – Once they’re in your office, then what? Deploy a no-sales, authentic process that facilitates transformation in your patient so they say YES on their own (not because they’re getting a discount or being pressured into a big package deal).

Day 6 – Rock Solid Results & Eternal Referrals – No point in doing all this stuff to get the patients if we can’t keep them engaged in their process so they get results… And, when you nail this, not only do patients stick around longer, they refer FOREVER. (In my practice we regularly get referrals from patients we haven’t seen in over a decade.)

Day 6 training will be followed by a “Big Q&A Session” (yeah I know, fancy name lol) – After 6 days of hardcore learning we’ll just hang and I’ll answer your questions. Of course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions the other days, too. But, I find it’s always good to have a “Big Q&A Session” at the end of these things, so there you go.

Now – full disclosure. I’m not doing this for entirely unselfish reasons.

YES. This is free.

YES. You will be able to take what I teach and put it into action to make a positive shift in your practice.

YES. I want you to be so blown away by the value and content that you will have zero doubt in my ability to help you grow your practice and… as a result… HELP MORE PEOPLE.

And… YES… at the end of it all (or whenever you want, really), my goal is for you to feel inspired and motivated to apply for a spot in my Practice Growth Acceleration program where I will mentor you (personally) and give you access to the BEST marketing and business training for natural medical practitioners on the planet.

Because… you know… growth and stuff.

And… NO… this won’t be some lame sleazy webinar pitch-fest.

It’s going to be pure value and actionable stuff.

See, NOTHING gives me more joy than helping people grow. Whether it’s in my practice, my family, my community…

There’s nothing like it.

And, I’d love the opportunity to help YOU grow as a practitioner because you will help a LOT more people that way.

Plus, you’ll be happier and have a lot more fun in life.

Win-win, right?

So, anyway, if you’re in just register below and if we get enough people in there I’ll move forward with it (either way I’ll let you know via email 24 hours ahead of time)…

See you soon,

Chris Axelrad, M.S.O.M., L.Ac., FABORM | Master Acupuncturist, Director of The Axelrad Clinic, and Accelerated Practice Growth Mentor


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Success Stories From "The Tribe"

Check out Julie

30 to 56 patients/wk in less than 4 mos

Monica CRUSHING her first 70 patient week... 😉

45 patients 3 months after opening her practice.

YEP. She had ZERO patients when she signed up.

30 days in... 6 new patients in 2 days.

"5 of which came from internal marketing" (what could be easier than that?)

Space is extremely limited.

Barely thru Module ONE of the training and already has 8 ppl on a waitlist.

"My practice is growing by leaps and bounds."

Already about to hit her 40 pt/wk goal - WAY sooner than she thought. 

6 new consults booked in ONE week - all became patients.

And another 3 free consults in a row on the SAME DAY she posted this.

Practice growth of 30% and a "bona-fide waiting list"

after just 2.5 months in the program.

Space is extremely limited.

"I have been able to double the amount of people I see in a day... and finding my stride with being a new mom & clinic owner"

And the clinic is operating "like a fine oiled machine" with a bigger team...

One schedule tweak. 24 patients in a day (including 4 new patients)

and left 30 minutes early.

A frequently used word in our private Facebook group is...

"Busiest week ever..."

"Busiest month to date, and I didn't even realize"

"Busiest day in practice to date..."

"Busiest month to date..."

Space is extremely limited.

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