It’s VERY DIFFICULT (actually VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE) to create two things at once and have BOTH be POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL. I KNOW there are a lot of people out here torn between whether to go virtual or physical with their clinics.

And before I get into this. I just want to say there’s no right or wrong way. It’s JUST a choice.

But I believe one of the things hurting our industry (holistic medicine) the most is the lack of “in the trenches” experience of the “leaders” of our movement. NOTHING compares to being IN THE ROOM, physically face to face, with suffering people AND having to learn how to be PRESENT and COURAGEOUS in THAT. People tell me all the time they want to do a virtual or online program. But they don’t even have a PRACTICE yet! We really don’t need more “online gurus” who have never been on the battlefield dealing with REAL people who have REAL problems.

Get the secret insider tactics of an $816,000/yr 3-location holistic clinic.

Mailed to you every month for $7.

KICK ASS and CHANGE LIVES. For the price of a LATTE?

Instead, we need STEALTH SHAMANIC WARRIOR-HEALERS in our communities, being fully present and accounted for, fighting the real battles on the front lines.

We need STEALTH SHAMANIC WARRIOR-HEALERS holding space, holding patients accountable AND functioning as intermediaries between HEAVEN AND EARTH.

People, NOW, MORE THAN EVER, need “light-bringers” ON THE GROUND and not “in the cloud.”

So. My advice to you…YOU POWERFUL, BEING OF LIGHT…

If you want to go online with your healing practice, don’t do that until you’ve built a reasonably successful OFFLINE practice and learned how to operate in “enemy territory” (the “enemy” being anger, shame, guilt, greed, laziness, self-loathing, and all the other emotions our patients are using to feed their suffering).

There is NO substitute for face-to-face “combat.”

And, if you’re able to KICK ASS on the ground…

No doubt, your VIRTUAL program will be INCREDIBLE.

To Your Ultimate Victory,

Chris Axelrad, Creator Of Power Practice Alchemy (read more about me here)

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